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Studio Booking


Our 83sqm studio in Central Oslo is available for rental Monday to Sunday, around the clock. 

Check studio availability.


Minimum booking 2h

All bookings and inquiries:

We are also available for longer bookings!

Want to book for other than rehearsal needs, such as classes, workshops or events?

Contact us to discuss prices!


83sqm studio

4th floor in Hausmania, no elevator access

Toilet, no shower access

Kitchen, office and storage space



“The PRAXIS studio is now my favorite place to work in Oslo. Having a space that is affordable, central and inspiring to work in makes the threshold for renting low also outside production periods, which leads to more continuity for me as a dance artist. It also has great potential as a space for gathering, sharing and discussing, which is needed in the professional dance community.”

Inés Belli, artist in residence 2023


“PRAXIS Oslo’s new studio feels light and open .A room where there is space for different agendas/artistic projects. it holds a certain flexibility with access to natural light! I am used to working in black boxes and rooms where this isn't available, so this feels special. Something about the space feels cozy, and i think the warmth of the community building the space/floor/etc together is somehow still present within the space.” 

Anders Engerbretsen, artist in residence, Winter 2023


“Jeg har brukt studioet til PRAXIS Oslo gjennom høsten til å fasilitere kontaktimpro-jams og undervise danseklasser. Det gjør en stor forskjell for arbeidet mitt å ha tilgang til et sentralt dansestudio med rimelig leiepris!” Ann Kristin Holten/Kloke Kropper, educator and jam host


“I have been using the PRAXIS studio for rehearsals, working mainly with movement and voice-research. I love the view, that it is in the center of Oslo, the entire vibe of the building. It is a very much needed space for the dance field of Oslo.”

Ingeleiv Berstad, choreographer

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