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PRAXIS Praksis

PRAXIS Praksis provides a dynamic learning environment to support mindful curiosity and physical intelligence in movement research.


You will have the opportunity to study with experienced and progressive dance artists who work actively in the field sharing their daily routine, a choreographic practice, or other approaches into moving that have inspired them.


PRAXIS Movement

PRAXIS Movement is a physical class series that offers different experiential approaches to embodiment, movement and consciousness to support our dancing bodies and dance-making.

Approaches include Klein Technique™, Body-Mind Centering®, Feldenkrais, Taiji & Qigong and Steve Paxton's Material for the Spine.


PRAXIS Lab & Workshops

Our lab is devoted to deepening our understanding of improvisational dance. Each lab will be facilitated by a different dance artist who is engaged in improvisational practice.

We also host some workshops in collaboration with PRODA and SKUDA.

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Helse Gym is a session specifically aimed at dancers, it is based on circuit training emphasising repetitions and increasing heart rate. The goal of the session is to increase the working capacity of the muscles, heart, and to have some fun!

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