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Artist Parent Resources

Are you an artist and a parent? Are you thinking of having children and want more information about support, structures and practical experiences from other artists?



Balansekunst er et samarbeid mellom over 100 norske kunst- og kulturorganisasjoner som jobber for et likestilt og mangfoldig kulturliv.

Balansemerket er en merkeordning mot seksuell trakassering i kulturlivet. Vi tilbyr kursing, veiledning og verktøy for å bistå kunst- og kulturvirksomheter i deres arbeid for et trygt og inkluderende arbeidsmiljø.
Norwegian law
Legal advice


Body-Mind Centering® 

for adults wanting to learn more about your child's development. Parents with infants and small children are welcome to join our Body-Mind Centering class on Wednesday afternoons. Learn more.


for parents and children 2-6 yrs

We are an educational non-profit, offering developmental movement education for babies of all ages: infants, toddlers, parents, caregivers, adults and elders. Our vision is to create a world where babies and adults of all ages get the touch, support and movement they need to thrive.

Our work (and play) is inspired by the principles of Body-Mind Centering® and Infant Developmental Movement Education.

Download able resources and online classes :


The Missing Chapter to Ina Mays guide’: episode from the podcast series The Longest Shortest Time. About natural birth and when it doesn't work the way you expected to. Includes a wonderful exchange with the famous midwife and author Ina Mays. 


Blood Baby is an iterative performance quadriptych exploring the intersectional experiences of gender performance, queer motherhood and parenthood, queer sexuality, and belonging created by artist Meg Foley. 


Mother Reader - an anthology on motherhood and art making, Moyra Davey (ed).
Why Call It Labour? On Motherhood and Art Work, Mai Abu ElDahab (ed)
The Argonauts, Maggie Nelson


"Patter of tiny feet: dancers on leaping into motherhood"
Juggling babies and a job is always difficult – what are the particular pressures for performers and how is the industry taking steps to improve?

"Choreographer Oona Doherty on dancing into motherhood" 
A new generation of dancers are bringing their pregnancies into performances.

“I Wish I Got Pregnant in March!’ Inside the Dance Baby Boom”
Many dancers have taken advantage of a byproduct of the time away from performing to try out a new role: motherhood.

How do freelance dance artists who are parents unite having a professional artistic career and parenting? Is there a way to draw creative potential from the experience of parenting? Read more at Re-Dance


How do freelance dance artists who are parents unite having a professional artistic career and parenting? Is there a way to draw creative potential from the experience of parenting? There is still a common conception that when dancers and in particular women have children they will put an end to their dance career. Now more and more dancers are having both but parenthood is still an undertone often invisible from professional experiences. re-dance strives to uplift parenting dancers’ perspectives as valuable to professional work in the dance field.
re-dance is an initiative of Katelyn Skelley and Patscharaporn Krüger-Distakul established in Frankfurt am Main in the beginning of 2020.

Stories by women from different countries, cultures and disciplines talking about the physical and emotional experience of combining motherhood with performance, what their countries and cultures have to offer, what are their priorities and what they want to share with others.

Stories, resources about motherhood in dance. Offers specialized research (e.g. pelvic flour muscles, core stability) and workshops in the UK.

Arts and Humanities Research Council funded research project led by the University of South Wales (Cardiff) and Edge Hill University (Ormskirk). Includes interviews and an extensive biography on the topic. 

A crowdsourced, opinionated, realistic, positive compendium by and for artist parents  

The Cultural ReProducers Network is a space for connecting parents in the arts to share resources, opportunities, links and events, reach out for support and collaboration, and devise plans to take over the art world. 

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